Abdominal Massage
... Qi Gong Exercise for Sexual Health ...

The benefits of this qi gong exercise " Abdominal Massage" is that it energizes and stimulates the entire sacral region, front and back. As a result, the sexual secretions and sexual functions are enhanced. It also encourages the conversion of sexual essence into energy.

The process of rubbing the palms together fills the hands with energy, which is then transmitted to any part of the body that the hands massage.

The Technique of This Qi Gong Exercise

(1) Stand in Horse and rub your palms together brisldy until they are warm.

(2) Firmly massage the entire abdominal region between navel and pubis with circular motions.

(3) Then rub the palms to warm them up again and massage the kidneys, lumbar vertebrae, and coccyx with alternate up and down motions.

(4) Continue until the entire abdominal and lumbar regions feel warm.

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