Acorus (菖蒲) ...Chinese Herb...

Latin Plant Name

Acori Graminei; Rhizoma Acori Calami; Acorus

Pinyin Mandarin Name

Chang Pu or Shi Chang Pu

Common English Name

Sweet Flag

Part of Plant Used





Acrid, aromatic

Meridians Entered

Heart, Liver, Spleen

Common Usages

Most often used in formulas to treat fainting or seizures (TCM: for dampness and excess phlegm blocking orifices of the Heart); and for poor memory, lack of clarity of thought, ear infections, anorexia, bloating, and parasites.

Traditional Usages and Functions

This aromatic plant strongly stimulates movement within the body to expel phlegm and dampness . Opens the orifices; vaporizes phlegm; harmonizes the Middle Burner; transforms turbid dampness.

Common Formulas Used In

Cerebral Tonic Pills; Concha Marguerita and Ligustrum.

Cautions in Use

Use with caution where there is deficient Yin. Phlegm often is poorly metabolized yin, and the herb may "vaporize" some of the yin with the phlegm. This, in turn, can intensify Yin-deficiency signs such as false heat. Also use cautiously with deficient heat, or if there is irritability with excessive sweating, vomiting of blood, or leakage of sperm.

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