Acupressure For Acne

Use this simple techniques - acupressure for Acne - to address your concerns:

  • Dry wash your face: Sitting with your eyes closed, rub two hands against each other until they are warm. Use four fingers to wipe your face from your forehead downward, to the lips, to the lower jaw, to underneath the ears, then circle back, upward to the temples. Do this 10 times, then repeat in the opposite direction.
  • Choose the following and massage each point for one minute once a day.

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  • Gently press and knead the point located above the bridge of your nose halfway between the inner edges of each eyebrow (Ex).
  • Gently press and knead the points on the cheek directly under the eye pupil and level with the low edge of the nostril (St3).
  • Gently press and knead the points under the cheekbone in line with the outer corner of the eye (Si18).
  • Gently press and knead the point in the depression at the bottom of the skull, outside of the two big muscles on the neck, which you can feel by bending your neck forward, head down (Gb20).
  • Gently press and knead the depression that is four finger-widths below the kneecap edge and one thumbwidth outside of the shinbone (St36).

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