Acupressure For Eyestrain

Choose the following acupressure for eyestrain. Massage each point for 30 seconds or one minute once a day.

(1) Knead the point just under the pupil of your eye, in the middle of the ridge of the eye socket (St1).

(2) Knead the point in the depression, half a finger's width outside the corner of the eye (Gb1).

Acupressure for Eyestrain

(3) Knead the depression at the outer edge of the eyebrow (Te23).

(4) Knead the central point on the eyebrow, and the temples.

(5) Knead the depression on the beginning of the eyebrow (B12).

(6) Close your eyes. Use your middle fingers to knead the depression between the eyebrows and eyeballs, meanwhile using your thumb to knead the both temples.

(7) Press and knead the depression at the bottom of the skull, outside of the two big muscles on the neck, which you can feel by bending your head down, neck forward (Gb20).

(8) With your thumb against the index finger, use your other thumb to press the webbing where it bulges up the highest (Li4).

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