Acupressure For Female Infertility

Do the Chinese massage - acupressure for female infertility:

Acupressure for Female Infertility

(1) Place your right palm below the belly button. Gently rub clockwise for one minute. Gradually increase the pressure.

(2) Place the pad of the thumb on the points a little higher than the waist, two finger-widths on both sides of the spine (B123). Gently press the area for two minutes.

(3) Use the tips of your index, middle, ring, and little fingers to tap the sacrum area, right along the central line (B131 - B134) for one minute.

(4) Place both of your palms on the sacrum area. Scrub from bottom up until you have a warm sensation.

(5) Use your thumb or index finger to gently press and knead these points mentioned in previous "heat therapy" section for one minute.


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