Acupressure For Heart Burn

Try one of the following acupressure for heart burn:

(1) Overlap your palms and rub around the belly button clockwise first, then counterclockwise 36 times respectively.

Acupressure For Heart Burn

(2) Gently press and knead the following points for one minute:

  • The point halfway between your belly button and the lower edge of your breastbone (Cv12).
  • The point two thumb-widths above the wrist crease of the palm side, between the tendons, right under the buckle of the watch strap (Pc6).
  • The point two thumb-widths on either side of the belly button for one minute (St25).
  • The depression four finger-widths below the kneecap edge and one thumb's-width outside of the shinbone (St36).
  • The point on the inside of the foot in the depression behind the bone of the big toe (Sp4).
  • The point on the base of toes between the second toe and the third toe (St44).
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