Acupressure For High Blood Pressure

The acupressure for high blood pressure is quite effective in keeping the Blood Pressure Level within the healthy level.

Acupressure For High Blood Pressure

(1) Bundle 10 toothpicks together to gently stimulate the following two points to lower blood pressure. Gently press for 10 minutes, twice a day:

  • On the back of the hand in the depression, where the wrist crease meets the line from the thumb (Li5).
  • With your thumb against the index finger, the webbing where it bulges up the highest (Li4).

(2) Use the following techniques and massage once a day:

  • Rub the forehead: Rub from the middle point between the two eyebrows, up to the front hairline of the forehead 30 times. Rub from the central line of the forehead to both sides 30 times.
  • Knead the temple: Gently press the temple and circularly rub in a backwards direction 30 times. Press and knead the center point on the top of your head 30 times.
  • Dry bathe the face: Rub your hands against each other until they are warm. Wipe with your palms from the top of the forehead, first sideways then downward, then rub in reverse, upward from the sides of the nose 30 times.
  • Gently press and knead the point in the depression at the bottom of the skull, outside of the two big muscles on the neck, which you can feel by bending down your neck (Gb20).
  • Gently press the point between the big and the second toe, two finger-widths up from the root of the toe, on the top of your foot (Liv3).
  • Gently press the point at the end of the crease on the top of the elbow joint, when the arm is folded across the chest (Li11).
  • Gently press the depression four finger-widths below the kneecap edge and one thumb's-width outside of the shinbone (St36).

Chinese Herbal Medicine for High Blood Pressure

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