Acupressure For Impotence

Do the following Chinese massage - acupressure for impotence:

Acupressure For Impotence

(1) Sit on a chair. Place both hands on the midline of your back. Scrub down to the tailbone 100 times until you feel a warm sensation. Use both palms to rub and push the low back and sacral bone.

(2) Use your fingers to gently press the points a little higher than the waist, two finger-widths on both sides of the spine for two minutes (Bl23).

(3) Use your thumb to gently press and knead the point on the mid-line of the abdomen, four finger-widths below the belly button (navel) for one minute (Cv4). Use your fingers to gently press the dent right above the root of the penis for one minute.

(4) Place your right palm on the root of the testicles. Lift testicles and penis up a bit. Use your left palm to gently press the area right bellow the belly button. Meanwhile constrict the sphincter muscles of the anus. Repeat 20 times.

(5) Lie down on your back. Use both palms to push from the breastbone down toward the pubic bone 100 times. Start very gently, and gradually increase the pressure.

(6) Use your fingers to gently press and knead the point four finger-widths up from the inside anklebone, right behind the leg bone for one minute (Sp6).

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