Chinese Acupressure For Insomnia

Try this acupressure for insomnia to solve your sleeping problems:

(1) Open your fingers and gently comb from the midline on the top of your head down to both cheeks for two minutes. Use the tips of your f~ngers together to gently tap the top of your head for two minutes. From the top center of the head slowly move to left, to right, to front, and to back. The key word is "gently."

Acupressure For Insomnia

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(2) Gently press and knead the depression at the meeting point of the wrist crease of the palm side and the line from the little finger for one minute (H7). Change hands and do the other side.

(3) Gently press and knead the point four finger-widths up from the inside anklebone, right behind the leg bone for one minute (Sp6).

(4) Gently press and knead the point below the ball of the foot in the center, about a third of the distance between the toes and the heel for one minute (Kil).

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