Acupressure For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

use the following acupressure for irritable bowel syndrome:

(1) Use your palm to rub and knead your abdomen in a counterclockwise direction for three minutes. Start at the belly button and gradually move outward.

(2) Place both palms on your back. Rub down to the sacrum until you have a warm sensation in the abdomen.

(3) Gently press the following points for one minute:

acupressure for irritable bowel syndrome

  • The point halfway between the belly button and the lower edge of the breastbone (CvI2).
  • The point on two finger-widths below the belly button on the midline of the abdomen (Cv6).
  • The point two thumb-widths from your belly button (navel) on either side (St25).
  • The depression four finger-widths below the kneecap edge and one thumb's-width outside of the shinbone(St36).

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