Acupressure For Lack of Breast Milk

Choose the following acupressure for lack of breast milk and massage once a day:

Acupressure for Lack of Breast Milk

(1) Use your palms to gently rub your left breast clockwise and your right breast cauter clockwise for one minute.

(2) Spread your fingers and grasp the breasts. Then gently pull outward and release. Do so for two minutes.

(3) Use your fingertips to gently press against the point right between fourth and fifth ribs on the midline (Cv17) for one minute. Then gently press against the spots directly below each breast (St18) for one minute. Finally, gently press the point halfway between the belly button (navel) and the lower edge of the breastbone for one minute (Cv12).

(4) Gently press the depression four finger-widths below the kneecap edge and a thumb's-width outside of the shinbone for one mintute (St36).

(5) Gently press the point between the big and second toes, two finger-widths up the foot from the joint between the toes for one minute (Liv3).

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