Acupressure For Low Blood Pressure

You have a low blood pressure (also know as hypotension) if your blood pressure is below 90/60. The Normal blood pressure is around 120/80.

The symptoms of low blood pressure are often light-headedness, fatigue, or headaches. Orthostatic hypotension is a dangerous type of low blood pressure.

It happens when suddenly standing up from sitting or lying down. Along with arteriosclerosis, hypotension can be caused by some medications, diabetes, or hormone disorders.

The Techniques

(1) In acute cases, use the tip of the thumb to press the groove below the nose, slightly more than halfway up (Gv26). Press the point two thumb-widths above the wrist crease of the palm side, between the tendons, right under the buckle of the watch strap (Pc6).

(2) Use the tip of your thumb to gently press the point right on the top crown center of your head, on the line connecting the earlobes for 30 seconds (Gv20). Then use the middle finger to gently press and knead the same point for one minute.

(3) Use the knuckles of both hands to gently press and knead the points a little higher than the waist, two finger-widths on both sides of the spine for one minute (Bl23).

(4) Use both your palms to scrub and knead the sacral bone area on the midline of your body on the back for one minute.

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