Alismatis (泽泻) ...Chinese Herb...

Latin Plant Name

Alismatis Plantago Aquaticae; Alismatis

Pinyin Mandarin Name

Ze Xie

Common English Name

Water Plantain

Part of Plant Used

Tuberous stem (bulb)




Sweet, bland

Meridians Entered

Kidneys, Bladder

Common Usages

This herb is most often used in formulas for its ability to gently promote urination; also used to treat blood in the urine, difficulty in urination, diarrhea, thirst, and phlegm retention; may also be used for pelvic infections, leukorrhea (mucousy vaginal discharge), herpes, abdominal bloating, kidney stones, and diabetic syndrome.

Traditional Usages and Functions

For urinary-tract heat-damp imbalances without the strong yin-injuring effect of many other herbs and diuretics that drain dampness.

Common Formulas Used In

Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, and Rehmannia Eight; Immortal Long Life Pill; Gentiana; Hoelen Five; Rehmannia and Dogwood Fruit; Rehmannia and Magnetitum; Rehmannia Eight; Rehmannia Six.

Cautions in Use

Long-term usage of alismatis can irritate the intestines. Do not use with deficient Kidney Yang or damp cold with leakage of sperm or with leukorrhea.


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