Alpina (澤瀉) ... Chinese Herb ...

Latin Plant Name: Alpiniae Oxyphyllae

Pinyin Mandarin Name: Yi Zhi Ren

Common English Name: Black Cardamom

Part of Plant Used: Fruit

Nature: Warm

Taste: Acrid

Meridians Entered: Spleen, Kidneys

Common Usages: Most often used in formulas to improve digestion and treat diarrhea (TCM: strengthens Ytmg of Spleen and Stomach and treats cold imbalances); also used for night urination and sperm leakage; frequent urination, drooling, and abdominal pain (TCM: treats Ytmg deficiency with symptoms of core coldness and inability to get warm; builds Kidney Ytmg and helps body retain or astringe fluids; calms the spirit).

Traditional Usages and Functions: Warms the Kidneys; retains Essence and holds in urine; warms the Spleen; stops diarrhea.

Common Formulas Used In: Hoelen and Polyporus.

Cautions in Use: Do not use in cases of sperm leakage or leukorrhea with strong signs of heat.

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