Amber (琥珀) ... Chinese Herb ...

Latin Plant Name: Succinum

Pinyin Mandarin Name: Hu Po

Common English Name: Amber

Part of Plant Used: Amber is the petrified resin of trees buried underground for years; the tree is long extinct.

Nature: Neutral

Taste: Sweet

Meridians Entered: Heart, Liver, Small Intestine, Bladder

Common Usages: This herb is used in many liniments for its antiseptic and skin-healing properties. It is also used in many formulas for its ability to sedate and calm the Spirit, invigorate and move Blood, and promote healing, which makes it particularly useful for individualsespecially children-who are recovering from an injury where there is Blood stagnation and sleep anxiety. Amber is also very useful for postbirth abdominal pain due to Blood stagnation.

Traditional Usages and Functions: Sedates and calms the Spirit; promotes urination; invigorates Blood; promotes menstruation; reduces swelling and promotes healing.

Common Formulas Used In: Cerebral Tonic Pills; Leonuris and Achyranthes.

Cautions in Use: Do not use with heat signs due to Yin deficiency.

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