The Art Of Lifting The Anus

The art of lifting the anus was practised by Zhao Fei Yan, one of the great beauties in Chinese history who was renowned for her small size.

She was as amorous as she was beautiful, and had numerous affairs, although she remained unmarried. But when the Emperor took her as one of his concubines, he found her vagina so tight that he thought she was a virgin. What was her secret?

'The Art of Lifting the Anus,' she said.

Stand upright and relaxed, with feet fairly close together. By an act of will, lift up your anus, as if you were holding back your bowel motion. Breathe in as you do so. Hold your breath and your position for a short while from two seconds to a minute, depending on your comfort.

Then relax and breathe out gently. Continually breathing out with too much force may result in a prolapsed rectum or varicose veins, or, in the case of men, a hernia. But do not worry too much about this happening; you will receive sufficient warning in the form of pain or discomfort, and if you heed the warning and correct your method, you will be all right.

Repeat the lifting and relaxing of your anus as often as you feel comfortable. A rough guide for beginners is thirty times. Practise daily in the morning and in the evening or at night. Gradually increase the frequency to three hundred times, and later to five hundred.

You can also perform the exercise lying down, and it is an important technique in many other qi gong exercises.

Leaving The Art of Lifting The Anus

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