Atractylodes Alba ( 白术 ) ...Chinese Herb...

Latin Plant Name

Atractylodis Macrocephalae

Pinyin Mandarin Name

Bai Zhu

Common English Name

White Atractylodes

Part of Plant Used





Bitter, sweet

Meridians Entered

Spleen, Stomach

Common Usages

Most often used in formulas to treat symptoms of edema with decreased urination, spontaneous sweating, diarrhea, fatigue, poor appetite, and sometimes vomiting (TCM: for deficiency conditions causing poor metabolism of moisture in body); and has been used in formulas to prevent miscarriage (TCM: due to Spleen deficiency).

Traditional Usages and Functions

Tonifies Spleen and benefits Qi; strengthens Spleen and dries dampness; stabilizes exterior and stops sweating.

Common Formulas Used In

Agastache; Angelica; Bupleurum and Tang Gui; Ginseng and Astragalus; Ginseng and Atractylodes; Ginseng and Longan; Ginseng and Tang Gui Ten; Hoelen Five; Major Four Herbs; Major Six Herbs; Stephania and Astragalus; Tang Gui and Ginseng Eight; Tang Gui and Indigo.

Processing Required




Cautions in Use

Do not use where there is Yin deficiency with Heat and thirst.

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