Ba Duan Jin Exercise Set 3
Holding up a single hand regulates the spleen and the stomach

The movements of this Ba Duan Jin Exercise Set 3 increase the flow of energy along both sides of your body, and benefit your liver, gall bladder, spleen, and stomach. They help to prevent diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract.

The techniques of
Ba Duan Jing Exercise Set 3

Begin by raising your hands from the Wu Chi position so that you hold an invisible balloon between them.

Then turn your right palm upward and your left palm downward.

Now extend your two hands so that your right one is poised above your right shoulder, palm facing upward, turned so that your fingers are pointing backward. Your left hand extends downward toward your left thigh, palm facing the floor, fingers pointing to the front.

2. Now straighten your arms, pressing both hands apart at the same time - the right upward and the lift downward - keeping the palmsflatandatrigh~angks to your arms. Move your two arms so that they extend fully at the same time. Breathe out as your arms move apart and press upward and downward. Hold for one second.


Relax and breathe in as you bring both hands back in front of your body, both palms turned gently upward, as if you were carrying something in front of you.

Then turn your palms and repeat the exercise in the opposite directions, left hand moving up and right hand moving down, as you exhale. Complete four full cycles of both movements - eight extensions of the arms in all.

Here's a video clip on this set with slight variation. Ba Duan Jing has been modified by various people over years. Despite the slight difference, they still help to improve our health:

Advanced Level of
Ba Duan Jin Exercise Set 3

After regular practice of the basic level of this exercise for about a year, you can advance to the next level.

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After you extend your palms fully (see step 2, above), leave your hands in that position, breathe out, and imagine that you are using 20 per cent of your power to press apart two huge blocks of stone. As you do so, twist slightly to the side with your hand facing down, and breathe out. Keeping your hands in place, relax and breathe in. Then, on the next breath out, imagine pressing the blocks apart with 40 per cent of your strength and twist a little further to the side, as if you were turning like a-screw. Then, without moving, relax and breathe in.

Continue the Ba Duan Jin exercise set 3, increasing your twist each time using 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 per cent of your power each time you breathe out, increasing your twist each time until you are turned fully to the side. After that, slowly unwind as you breathe in. Change sides and repeat.

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