Ba Duan Jin Exercise Set 5
Shaking the head and wagging the tail to remove excess heat from the heart

The Ba Duan Jin exercise set 5 prevents against fever and reduce tension in the sympathetic nervous system.

It certainly has a powerful relaxing effect and, as such, eases the flow of energy along a number of your body's meridians.

CAUTION Do not practise this Ba Duan Jin exercise when pregnant.

The Techniques of
Ba Duan Jing Exercise Set 5

1. From the Wu Chi position, raise your right hand in an arc over your head with your hand held palm downward.

2. Breathe out as you bend over to your lift. Keep your right arm curved above your head, letting your left arm hang naturally down by your side. Transfer all your weight to your right leg, allowing your left heel to rise slightly off the ground. Your body will arc outward naturally to the right, with both hands sinking loosely downward to the left. Stay therefor one second. Stay relaxed.

3. Then reach over to the furthest point of comfort in your stretch. Hold the position with your hand over your head and your weight still on your right foot, keeping your left heel up.


Breathe in as you come up and repeat to the right side. Complete four stretches to each side alternately.

Advanced Level For
Ba Duan Jin Exercise Set 5

After you have practised these stretches for a year or two, you can progress to the advanced levels.

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First, instead of transferring your weight to the outer leg of the arc of your stretch, do the opposite. For example, when you bend over to the left, transfer your full weight to your left leg. Keep it straight as you bend over on that side, and allow your right heel to lift slightly off the ground. Do this for the sequence of eight stretches.

After practising the exercise in this new way for about a year - to increase the stretch and adjust your sense of balance - you can advance to a further level.

As you breathe out and bend over to the left, imagine a magnetic current running between your left foot (which is flat on the floor, bearing all your weight) and your two hands (which are forming an arc toward the ground). Imagine the magnetic force is pulling with 20 per cent of its strength. Finish breathing out. Stay relaxed, without changing position, and take a small breath.

Breathe out again, this time imagining the force has increased to 40 per cent of its strength, pulling your hands closer to the ground. Then relax and breathe in, staying in that position. Complete eight pulls on that side, and progressively increase the power of the magnet to 100 per cent of its strength.

Then straighten up and repeat the same exercise stretching to the right side.

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