Ba Duan Jin Exercise Set 6
Touching the feet with both hands to rid the heart of its illness

The Ba Duan Jin exercise set 6 is good for the muscles of your lower back and legs and for stretching your spine. It is also beneficial for the internal organs of your lower abdomen.

The movements of your waist actually bring every tissue and organ of your abdomen into play. The whole exercise strengthens your kidneys, your adrenal glands, and the arteries, veins, and nerves associated with them. Since your kidneys playa vital role in regulating the water metabolism of your entire body, this exercise helps maintain a healthy balance in your internal environment.

CAUTION Do not practise this Ba Duan Jin exercise when pregnant.

The Techniques of
Ba Duan Jing Exercise Set 6

1. Starting in the Wu Chi position, raise your arms out to the sides to shoulder height.

2. Now bring your arms forward, palms facing downward. Breathe in as you do this. Begin to bend your knees slightly.

3. Continue to bend at the knees, lowering yourself halfway down as if beginning a full squat position. Breathe out as you go down, and circle your arms down in front of you. When you reach the half squat position, hold it for one second. Imagine that you are resting your bottom on a very large, inflated balloon. Your hands will have come down to a point roughly level with your hips.

Then straighten up as you breathe in. A5 you do this, continue circling your arms around behindyou (see left), bringing them up and over your head to rest in front of you at shoulder height where they began. Your hands should finish in this position by the time you are standing up. Make eight full circles, moving slowly and steadily, letting your arms drop down as far as you can at the lowest point of the circles.

Advanced Level Of
Ba Duan Jin Exercise Set 6

After a year or so of regular practice of Ba Duan Jin Exercise set 6, you can move on to the next level.

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Keeping your feet flat on the ground, lower yourself to a full squat. Remember to breathe out completely as you go down. This time your hands should brush over your toes as they circle down and around. Your circling arms will also help your balance. Look straight ahead. Try to keep your back vertical but not stiff. Don't crouch too far forward, but don't stiffen up so much that you lose your balance and fall backward. Resist the temptation to speed up; try to do this exercise calmly, slowly, and smoothly.

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