The Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong

Ba Duan Jin is also known as the "Eight Strands of Brocade".

These exercises develop the most important systems of the body, yet can be safely practised by almost anyone of any age without fear of strain or injury.

For each set of the Ba Duan Jin, we have added a interesting video clip to illustrate this Qi Gong.

Ba Duan Jin Set 1: Support the heaven with both hands regulate the three visceral cavities housing the internal organs (san jiao).

Ba Duan Jin Set 2: Drawing a bow to each side resembles shooting an eagle.

Ba Duan Jin Set 3: Holding up a single hand regulates the spleen and the stomach

Ba Duan Jin Set 4: Relieving the exhaustion of the five internal organs and injuries caused by the seven human emotions, by practising looking backward

Ba Duan Jin Set 5: Shaking the head and wagging the tail to remove excess heat from the heart

Ba Duan Jin Set 6: Touching the feet with both hands to rid the heart of its illness

Ba Duan Jin Set 7: Clenching fists and glaring to increase physical strength

Ba Duan Jin Set 8: Shaking the body to ward off all illness

The name of the last set indicates the importance of exercising the body and its joints in regulating health and wellbeing.

The History Of Ba Duan Jin

The history of this qi gong can be dated back to 800 years ago.

If you go to a Chinese arts and crafts shop, you will see many traditional gods of happiness and fortune. Among these gods, you may come across a smiling buddha with a fat belly. He is standing up with his arms stretched over his head. He is performing the opening exercise of Ba Duan Jin.

The famous ancient Chinese physician, Hua Tuo’s once quoted – "the hinge of a swinging door never gets wormholes". The body is likened to a door hinge, bearing in mind that door hinges in Hua Tuo’s day were made of wood.

Inactivity leads to stasis and obstruction of qi and blood in the jing luo which further leads to disharmony and ill-health. This can be prevented by practising forms that involve body movements and qi regulation (qigong) such as Tai Chi, Lohan Gong and Baduanjin.

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