Ways To Relieve Back Strain At Work

To solve your back strain problem, first, look at how you sit at work. If your sitting posture is bad, you can end up with chronic back and neck strain. Not only will your health suffer but your mind will never be as clear and focused as when you sit in the optimum manner. Good posture can even prevent anxiety and depression - so take a few minutes to check your seat.

How to sit

back strain and neck strain

1 Don't just throw yourself into your chair - you'll put stress on your neck, which can result in neck and back problems, or even migraines and headaches. Bend your hips and knees so that your body is balanced until you're sitting in the chair.

2 Think about balancing on your chair. Keep both feet firmly planted on the floor. Your weight should be equally divided between the front of your foot and your heel.

3 Release your ankles, release your knees. Imagine your spine lengthening. Make sure you are sitting with equal weight on each buttock - not slumping to one side.

4 Is your seat high enough for you? If not, add a few telephone directories. Hunching over your desk affects breathing and all the internal organs. It's far better to lean forwards from your hip joints, so you lengthen your whole body.

Relieve Neck and Back Strain During Typing

Many of us spend our days typing on keyboards, peering at computer screens. Here's how to type with ease.

1 Sit in an upright position, as already shown.

2 Stretch your arms down at your sides with your fingers facing the floor. Breathe out.

3 Bend your arms at the elbows and bring them up to the table, keeping your upper arms at right angles to the table, elbows slightly above desk height.

4 Flex your hands back from your wrists and place them softly on the keyboard. Start to type.

5 Check that your neck is relaxed and that you are breathing slowly and comfortably. Above all make sure your wrists stay relaxed.

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