Barley Chicken Soup

Chinese herbal soup recipe


This tasty soup comes with tender meat and sweet barley. It invigorates the Spleen, regulates the Stomach-Qi, relieves excessive gas in the digestive system and promotes urination. They are good for oedema, rheumatism, debilitation, diarrhea and frequent urination. Frequent consumption of this soup strengthens the body against cancer.

Cooking Tips

Spring chicken of smaller size works better in this recipe. Wash Barley thoroughly. Pay attention to the changes in the heat.

1(about 2400g)chicken 鸡(一只)
600gBarley 薏米
1.5 Litrewater 清水
27gginger 生姜
2 sprigsdiced spring onion 葱花
4gpepper 胡椒粉
2 tspssalt 幼盐
cooking wine 米酒
Dang Shen 党参


  1. Wash the chicken and remove the innards. Cut off the claws. Rinse again. Scald in a pot to remove blood. Wash again. Wash Dang Shen and Barley. Wash the ginger and crush it with the flat side of a knife.
  2. Wash a clay soup pot and pour in 10 bowls of water. Put in chicken , Barley, salt, ginger, spríng onion, pepper and cooking wine. Bring to the boil over high heat. Skim off the bubbles on the surface. Reduce to low heat and cook for 2 hours or until chicken is soft.
  3. Discard ginger and spring onion. Season it with a little salt and serve.

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