Blood Circulating & Dampness-Expelling Soup

Chinese Herbal Soup


The ingredients promote circulation of blood, unlock the vessels, expel Dampness and soothe pain. This soup is good for those who, in the rainy spring season, suffer from pain in the lower back area and knee joints; cramps; stroke and numbing of face muscles, which are caused by Wind-coldness in the circulation system or past record of rheumatism.

Cooking Tips

  1. Black beans are mild in nature and sweet in taste. They expel Wind,detoxify the body, promote the circulation of blood and treat paralysis. They also complement other herbal ingredients in this soup.
  2. This soup is warm in nature. Those who have arthralgia due to Heat-Evils and fever due to influenza should not drink it.

19gZhen Jiao 秦艽
12gFang Feng 防风
15gDuHuo 独活
12gQiang Huo 姜活
76gblack beans 乌豆
300gpork bone 猪骨


  1. Wash the first 3 ingredients and put them in a soup bag. Wash black beans and pork bone. Then place the soup bag and blackbeans and pork bone in a soup pot. Pour in 8 bowls of water. Boil until the black beans are tender.
  2. Discard the ingredients in the soup bag and serve.

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