Breathing Methods

There are different breathing methods in qi gong. Using a appropriate methods will enable you to increase or decrease the amount and flow of qi in your body.

Breathing Method 1

The first method is your usual breathing method. Let's try this method now:

1) Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart with your arms hanging loosely at your sides.

2) Calm down your body and mind and relax. At the same time, focus your thoughts on standing still. Maintain this position for about five minutes. Breath in a natural pattern.

This method is basically when you concentrate on the movements or positions of the various exercises, without thinking about any particular breathing pattern.

This method is used when you first learn any exercise. You can concentrate exclusively on the details of what you are supposed to be doing without adding too many extra details on breathing.

Breathing Method 2

The next type is a deep breathing style that coordinates your breathing with the movement of your diaphragm and stomach muscles.

As you inhale, allow your stomach to push out, and as you exhale let your stomach muscles relax so that your belly goes back to its normal position.

This pumping action of your stomach muscles activates your Dan Tien.

Dan Tien is the qi cavity that is located about an inch and a half below your belly button.

With practice, the very action of moving your stomach in this manner will help your qi to collect there because the muscles are being lightly exercised.

Breathing Method 3

This breathing style uses the opposite movements of Breathing Method 2.

As you inhale, you pull in your stomach.

Then as you exhale, you relax the muscles so that your belly can return to its normal position.

This method is more powerful than the other two types of breathing. This method of breathing is used primarily for moving qi strongly through your body to achieve particular results, such as increased muscular strength or the emission of energy from your body for healing, nonverbal communication, and energy transference.

As you inhale, pull in your stomach muscles as though you were trying to suck in your gut. This will move your diaphragm and allow the air to sink even further into your body.

Now you need to relax your stomach muscles, which will then allow them to move out to their natural position.

Do not push them out. Instead, relax and let them move by themselves. While your stomach muscles are returning to their natural position, start exhaling through your nose very slowly. You want your inhalation and your exhalation to be about the same length, or if possible, have your inhalation slightly longer.

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