The Power Walk Of Successful Executives
Promote Healthy Chi Energy

Technique to care for your Chi energy - Use the time you spend walking to coach yourself for success. Whether you have a half-hour hike or a twominute stroll, focusing on your footsteps and giving yourself positive affirmations can make all the difference to your day.

Walk With Mindfulness
Promote Healthy Chi Energy

  1. Become aware of your walking. Walk a bit more slowly than normal and feel your feet touching the ground (is it hard, soft, warm, cold?). Feel your toes spreading as you walk, be aware of your knees as they bend, your hips as they swing.
  2. Now focus your attention on your breath. Mentally say "in" as you inhale and "out" as you exhale. See if you can begin each in and each out breath exactly as one of your feet hits the ground.
  3. Notice how many steps you take during each inhalation, and how many steps you take during each exhalation. Count each step as you walk and breathe, so that in your mind you are saying, "In two, three, four ... Out two, three, four ... In two, three, four" or perhaps "In two, three ... Out two, three," depending on how many steps you take to each breath. You will soon find your own rhythm.
  4. Talk Positive
    Promote Healthy Chi Energy

    Repeat a suitable affirmation to yourself, either out loud or to yourself Positive self-talk sends a distinct command to the subconscious - helping your affirmation become reality. Try something like "I am completely successful in everything I do" or "I am calm, focused, and in control" or "I have abundant creativity and great ideas. "

    Repeat it over and over as you walk.

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