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Technique to care for your Chi energy - The key to success at work (and anywhere else) is self-confidence. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve almost anything. But sometimes that is easier said than done. When you feel a bit overwhelmed or lacking in nerve, try these simple confidence-boosters.

Power Posture

Chi Energy

Do not hold this posture for a long period if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or if you are pregnant or menstruating.

Technique to care for your Chi energy - How you hold yourself can have an immediate and powerful effect on your mood. If you look confident, you will actually become more confident.

  1. Stand or sit tall and upright. Imagine that the top of your head is attached to the ceiling with a piece of string.
  2. Let your shoulders relax downwards. Mentally run through your body and make sure you are not holding tension in the classic places - face, jaw, neck, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, hands.
  3. Blink your eyes tightly several times and let your gaze be direct and alert.

  4. Yawn widely to stretch your jaw. Smile. Repeat silently to yourself a positive affirmation, e.g. "I am brimming with selfconfidence; everything works for me" or "I now choose success in everything I do."

Stand Tall As A Mountain

Technique to care for your Chi energy - This Mountain posture is adapted from chi kung. It's very simple but has a powerful effect on your mood. It invigorates your whole body and mind while making you feel grounded and powerful. Find a quiet spot to try this - or pretend you're just having a good stretch!

1. Stand in the basic chi kung starting posture. Bring your fingers together and point them straight down to the ground.

2. Raise your arms slowly from step 1, keeping them stretched. Extend your arms out to the side. As you reach shoulder height, turn the palms upwards and continue to lift your arms until they are pointing directly upwards (parallel to your ears). Keep your shoulders relaxed.

3 Gaze at a spot at eye-level on the wall opposite. Breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine you are a tree, your roots deep in the earth, your arms stretching to heaven. Call on the power of the earth and the insight of heaven. Nothing can push you off balance.

4 Reverse the movement to release the posture: bring your arms back to shoulder height; turn your palms down; relax your arms by your sides. Stand quietly for a moment. Feel the energy in your body.

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