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Technique to care for your Chi energy - Life doesn't always go according to plan. We all have to face disappointment, rejection, and setbacks from time to time. The self-hypnosis below can help you move your chi, restore your energy and equilibrium, and put things in a better perspective.

  1. Find somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes.
  2. Become aware of your breathing. Gradually let it become deeper and more relaxed. As you breathe in, be aware of your abdomen rising; as you breathe out, take note of it falling. It is important to concentrate on your breathing rather than on your problem.
  3. Now imagine you are in a large open space. In front of you stands a large wheel, like a Ferris wheel in a fairground. Watch carefully as the wheel goes round and round until it gradually comes to a stop. There's an illusion, since it seems to go backwards yet continues going forwards. Look at the people inside the wheel as they ascend into the air and then descend, coming close to the ground.
  4. Follow the wheel with your eyes for a few minutes, turning your head as the wheel turns. As it goes upwards say to yourself, "I'm going up" and when it comes down, "I'm going down." Let yourself feel calm, detached, and serene - it doesn't really matter whether you go down, you will always go up again. Feel the peace within you.
  5. Choose a positive affirmation - one that works for you - to back up this feeling. Something along the lines of "I am calm, I am calm" or "Whether I go upwards or downwards, it all works for the best" or "Up and down, calm and serene." Repeat this phrase to yourself, either silently or out loud, as you follow the movement of the wheel.
  6. Now stop turning your head. Affirm to yourself that you will not let yourself become down and depressed by failure any more. Remind yourself that every disappointment, every rejection, and every setback is just a down turn of the wheel. Nobody who is truly successful has made it without for you - this is just a glitch.
  7. Remind yourself of your goals and repeat your commitment to getting there. Open your eyes, stand up; stretch, and stamp your feet to ground yourself. MaKe yourself a drink and maybe a snack to come back to full waking reality. Be assured your luck will change.

NOTE:If you know you are the sort of person who handles disappointments and set-backs badly, then repeat this visualization regularly for the best possible results. Otherwise, you it need only turn to it when you are feeling down.

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