Bend your knees slightly while standing Promote Healthy Chi Energy 4

Technique to care for your Chi energy - If you lock your knees while standing, you can interfere with the smooth flow of chi between the lower and upper parts of your body.

This rigid stance also puts more pressure on your back.

Instead, keep you knees slightly bent, which relieves tension on your back and strengthens your leg muscles.

Exercise your neck muscles
Promote Healthy Chi Energy 4

Technique to care for your Chi energy - Your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball, so it's no wonder your neck may get stiff from the effort of holding it up.

This is especially likely if you tend to spend a lot of time bent over a desk, staring at a computer screen, driving, or doing repetitive tasks that put strain on your neck.

Periodically throughout the day, exercise your neck muscles by turning your head slowly from side to side ten times.

Next, tilt your head forward and backward ten times, gently stretching your neck muscles.

Finally, lean your head slowly toward your right shoulder ten times, then toward your left shoulder.

This exercise relieves tension in your neck and shoulders, and lets chi flow more smoothly between your head and body. (Neck Exercises to improve your vision)


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