Shrug your shoulders
Promote Healthy Chi Energy

Technique to care for your Chi energy - One of the places tension is most likely to develop is in the shoulders. This prevents chi from flowing easily between your head and your body.

Several times a day, shrug your shoulders to loosen tight muscles.

Raise and lower both shoulders at the same time, repeating this motion eight times.

Then, raise and lower each shoulder individually.

Move your shoulders back and forth as well as up and down, in a circling motion.

Roll each shoulder in this manner eight times.

Coordinate bending and breathing
Promote Healthy Chi Energy

Technique to care for your Chi energy - Stand with your feet slightly apart and stretch your arms up over your head as high as you comfortably can.

As you raise your arms, inhale slowly until your lungs are full.

Then bend forward at the waist, keeping your knees slightly bent, while you swing your arms down and back behind you.

As you bend forward, exhale quickly, emptying all the air from your lungs.

Return to a standing position, and inhale deeply as you stretch your arms back up over your head again.

Repeat this exercise several times to stimulate the flow of chi. This procedure also helps loosen tight shoulder, back, neck, and arm muscles.


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