Wear comfortable shoes
Promote Healthy Chi Energy

Technique to care for your Chi energy - Your feet endure a great deal of punishment every day simply supporting the weight of your body High heels, pointed toes, or shoes that don't fit properly do more than just injure your feet; they can throw your whole body out of alignment.

Wear comfortable shoes that provide correct support for your feet and body If necessary, have orthopedic inserts made for your shoes to adjust your posture and balance.

Exercise daily
Promote Healthy Chi Energy

Our bodies weren't meant to remain stationary or to perform the same repetitive motions all day long - our ancestors used their bodies in many, diverse ways in the course of their daily tasks.

To keep your chi healthy, get some sort of physical exercise daily, even if it's only for ten minutes or so. Try to combine a variety of exercises: some that involve limbering and stretching; some that are aerobic; and some that increase strength, such as weight training.

Do something you enjoy-it's easier to stick with an exercise program if you like what you're doing.

Go for walk

Walking has a beneficial effect on chi for many reasons.

It provides exercise that's not too stressful, allows you to get fresh air and sunlight, and gives you a break from your daily routine.

Walking can also be a form of meditation, which helps to quiet the mind. Strolling through the woods, a park, along the beach, or other natural setting also enables you to connect with the earth and the chi that flows through the land.


Swimming is one of the best all-around exercises for many people.

In addition to improving muscle tone, circulation, respiration, and flexibility, swimming serves as a metaphor for life: If you relax, the water will buoy you; if you struggle, you'll exhaust yourself and go under.

Ride a bike

Remember how much fun it was to ride your bike when you were a kid? It still is.

Biking promotes health and well-being in numerous ways - it provides both aerobic and strengthening exercise, while exposing you to fresh air and sunshine. It's low-impact, so it puts less strain on your legs and back than running or aerobics, and its less demanding than sports like tennis, racquetball, football, or basketball, so people of all ages can enjoy biking.


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