Chinese Herbal Medicine For Low Sex Desire

The Chinese herbalists' approaches centers on maintain the balance on yin, yang, essence, qi/energy and blood flow. Our body will only attain sexual height after we have a properly balanced and harmonized body. If not, we will experience a lack of sexual energy.

(1) If you feel it is caused by deficiency (feel too tired to have sex):
  • For both sexes, take the patent herb Potency Formula which has no side effects and the improvement is notable within 1-2 weeks, although a typical course is 6 weeks.
  • For a man, there is also this Chinese herbal male tonic - Nan Bao.

(2) If you feel it is caused by stress:

  • For women, take the patent herb Dan Zhi Xiao Yao Wan;
  • For men, take the patent herb Xiao Yao Wan. Follow the instructions.

(3) Take rice soup with lycium:
Ingredients: 2 oz. rice. I oz. lycium fruit.
Procedure: Add 3 cups of water to rice and cook for 20 minutes to make rice soup. During the last five minutes, add lycium fruit. Drink the soup as you like.

(4) Drink royal jelly:
Ingredients: 60 ml royal jelly, 60 ml honey.
Procedure: Mix them well. Take 15 ml at a time, once or twice a day.

(5) Eat shrimp with Chinese chive:
Ingredients: 8 oz. shrimp, 8 oz. Chinese chive, cooking oil, salt.
Procedure: Stir-fry shrimp in oil until well done. Slice chives into I-inch strips. Stir-fry chives with oil. Add salt and mix with shrimp. Eat this once a week.

(6) Eat gecko with pilose deer horn:
Ingredients: A pair of geckos, 3/4 oz. sliced pilose deer horn, Chinese cooking wine. The ingredients are available in Chinese herb stores.
Procedure: Soak the gecko in clear water overnight. Cut off the head and legs and remove the black skin. Place them on a piece of aluminum foil to dry with low heat. Lightly bake deer horn. Grind both to fine powder. Take 118 oz. with Chinese cooking wine before bedtime. If you feel irritable or uncomfortable, stop. Read Also: Qi Gong Exercises To Improve Sexual Health

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