Chinese Herbs For External Applications

Chinese herbs for external applications are used for boils, carbuncles, fractures and bleeding due to external injuries. Such herbs can counteract toxic effects, heal swelling, remove pus and relieve pain. Although some of these herbs can also be consumed internally, most of them are toxic and should be taken with caution.

This class of herbs is divided into six subclasses. The first subclass consists of herbs for destroying worms and counteracting toxic effects. The second consists of herbs for healing swelling, dispersing coagulations and softening up hardness. The third consists of herbs for expelling pus and transforming decay. The fourth consists of herbs for activating the blood and removing wind (for more about the ill effects of wind, turn to page 14). The fifth consists of herbs for the arrestment of bleeding through constrictive effects. And the sixth is made up of other miscellaneous herbs for external application.


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