Chinese Herbs To Counteract Rheumatism

Most of the Chinese herbs to counteract Rheumatism can be used to relieve pain and they are especially effective for the treatment of muscular pain and pain of arthritis and rheumatism. The herbs included under this classification are Chinese clematis, mistletoe and slender acanthopanax root bark.

Arthritis and rheumatism, at the beginning stage, should be treated by herbs in this class along with those in the class to induce perspiration (class 1). As these illnesses enter the intermediate stage, they should be treated by this class of herbs along with the class of herbs to promote blood circulation (class 12).

The Chinese believe that rheumatism is caused by three factors, or any combination of them. These three factors are wind, cold and dampness. When rheumatism is caused by wind, the pain travels around the entire body, which is why it is called wandering pain and is difficult for the patient to pinpoint. Chinese clematis and mistletoe are particularly good for arthritis and rheumatism caused by wind. When rheumatism is caused by dampness, the pain will stay in a fixed region, so that the patient can easily point to where the pain is occurring. Slender acanthopanax root bark is especially good for this type of rheumatism.

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