Seven Damaging Practices
... Chinese Medicine Views On Sexual Activities ...

The Chinese medicine views on sexual activities can be traced back to ancient times. Since thousands of years ago, Chinese medicine has identified seven ways to avoid damage to the health during sexual activity and eight techniques to get health benefits from one's sex life.

These are the things that cause damage:

  • Sexual activity that's too rough or violent will injure internal organs, such as kidney energy.
  • During sex, if a man is working up a sweat, the overexertion will damage yin body fluids.
  • Having sex too frequently will damage yin essence energy.
  • If a man is experiencing impotence, a common experience in middle age, he should not put pressure on himself to have sex; otherwise it may injure his spirit and make this temporary condition last longer.
  • If one partner has desire and the other doesn't, the more interested partner should not force it; yin and yang won't be balanced.
  • If there is anger, unhappiness, or fear in one or both partners, the couple should not have sex, as it will injure emotion/spirit.
  • Sex without foreplay will consume or waste life essence energy of both partners.

Eight Beneficial Techniques
... Chinese Medicine Views On Sexual Activities ...

The eight benefits are a bit more complicated. They aren't just a list of do's and don't's; they're more like a kind of qi gong or energy-guiding technique. Here they are:

  • Regulating qi. This means that when a person is ready to have sex, he or she should guide primary qi and kidney qi to the sex organs to make them strong. There are mental concentration techniques to do this.
  • Guiding the fluids. This means sending yin energy down to the organs by swallowing saliva and contracting the anus. This benefit has to do with sending moisture in the right direction. When moisture levels drop away, they take important yin energy down with them.
  • Knowing the right timing. When each person's spiritual and physical energy is ready, then it's a good time to have sex.
  • Storing or saving qi. This means that during sex, people should try to release energy slowly by guiding qi down to the lower part of the body. In other words, "quickies" are not so good.
  • Peaceful movement. Overly aggressive sexual activity results in energy stagnation.
  • Taking out the qi. Again, this is a kind of qi gong technique. It means that the man withdraws before detumescence, to try to "steal" some qi from the female.
  • Recovering technique. After sex, both partners need peaceful relaxation to give the physical qi and life essence a chance to recover.
  • Installing the spirit. Again, this means resting and relaxing, so that your spiritual energy has a chance to gather its forces and not just leak away.
  • The above are all part of Taoist qi gong technique. You may want to use the google search bar to search for books with detailed instructions if you are interested in finding out more about this.


    Generally, all this looks like common sense; some of it, though, might be a bit complex or far-fetched for most people to practise on a daily basis. But it makes sense that peacefulness, relaxation, and having sex when both partners feel ready and have a good relationship would be related to spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

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