Citri Immaturi ( 青皮 ) ...Chinese Herb...

Latin Plant Name

Citri Reticulatae Viride

Pinyin Mandarin Name

Qing Pi

Common English Name

Immature Tangerine (peel)

Part of Plant Used

Immature (green) fruit


Acrid, bitter


Acrid, bitter

Meridians Entered

Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder

Common Usages

This herb is used in formulas to treat pain and masses in abdomen with possible sensation of hernia, or pain in chest or ribs (TCM: stagnant Liver Qi and excess phlegm); also used to treat abdominal bloating and indigestion (TCM: stagnant digestive function. Do not confuse with poor digestion due to deficiency and weakness).

Traditional Usages and Functions

Expedites the free flow of Liver Qi and alleviates pain; breaks up and reduces Qi accumulations; dries dampness and transforms phlegm.

Common Formulas Used In

Bupleurum, Inula, and Cyperus.

Processing Required




Cautions in Use

Use with caution where there is deficient Spleen Qi.

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