Dragon Pearl Massage
... Qi Gong Exercise for Sexual Health

The Dragon Pearl Massage is a simple qi gong exercise that stimulates the production of semen and sperm, increases secretions of testosterone, tonifies and cleanses the tissues of the testicles, improves circulation in the scrotum.

However, as usual, Chinese medicine advise against indulgence in sexual activity. Therefore, to benefit more from this exercise, one should not plow the extra harvest of sexual essence and energy through reckless sexual indulgence.

Men who practise the qi gong for sexual exercises should also exercise restraint and regulate ejaculation during intercourse in order to retain the benefits.

The Technique

(1) Stand in Horse Stance, or sit on the edge of a hard stool.

(2) Rub your palms together till they are warm. Grasp the penis with a hand and pull it upwards.

(3) At the same time, use the fingertips of the other hand to gently tap the testicles. You would see them bouncing up and down.

(4) Do one or two sets of thirty-six taps each on each testicle.

(5) Then rub the palms till warm again, grasp and lift penis with one hand as above and use palm of the other hand to cup the testicles and roll them around in circles, thirty-six times in each direction.

(6) Keep the anus lightly locked during this exercise in order to encourage sexual energy to rise up spinal channels for sublimation in the brain.

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