Dragon Teeth ( 龙齿 ) ...Chinese Herb...

Latin Plant Name

Dens Draconis

Pinyin Mandarin Name

Long Chi

Common English Name

Fossilized Teeth

Part of Plant Used

Crushed fossilized teeth




Sweet, astringent

Meridians Entered

Heart, Liver, Kidneys

Common Usages

This cooling and astringent herb is used to treat many of the same symptoms as Dragon Bone, but it is especially useful for treating dream-disturbed sleep or nightmares in children.

Traditional Usages and Functions

See Dragon Bone.

Common Formulas Used In

Cerebral Tonic Pills

Processing Required



A rare and infrequently used mineral "herb" that has many of the same healing properties as Dragon Bone. Made by crushing the fossilized teeth of large mammals and reptiles.

Cautions in Use

Do not use this herb where there are signs of an exterior excess hot or cold condition, or where there are heat and dampness symptoms.

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