Embracing Tree
… Qi Gong Exercises For Sexual Health

The Benefits of "Embracing Tree" Qi Gong Exercise

The “Embracing Tree” exercise stimulates the sexual essence by building up the muscle and tendons attaching the thighs to the hips and pelvis. It also draws the qi energy up from the legs and down from the arms and chest into the sacral region.

It strengthens the sexual organs in men and women, builds up the lumbar vertebrae (which regulate sexual functions), and encourages energy to rise up from the leg channels and enter the upper channels via the perineum point, known as 'Confluence of Yin' (hui-yin), which serves as an intersection between the upper and lower branches of the Eight Extraordinary Channels.

The Technique of “Embracing Tree” Qi Gong

Qi Gong Exercise for Sexual Health

(1) Splayed your feet splayed outwards at 45 degrees. Adopt a wide stance.

(2) Raise arms into Embracing Tree posture, with fingertips of hands aligned, thumbs up, hands held at throat level.

(3) Tuck in the butt, straighten up the back of the neck, and stand up on the toes and the balls of the feet.

(4) Breathe slowly and deeply, focusing attention on the fingertips and bones of the hands and keeping the anal sphincter slightly contracted to prevent energy from escaping through that orifice.

(5) On inhalation, imagine energy entering in a spiral through the fingertips and spinning up through the bones of the hands into the arms, then down the chest into the lower abdomen, where it accumulates.

(6) Then exhale and visualize energy spiralling up the spine from the lower abdomen to the head.

This is a good exercise for practising reverse abdominal breathing, which intensifies the effects. In the beginning, you may not be able to hold this posture very long, but as the muscles, tendons, and energy in your legs build up, you'll be able to practise it for increasingly longer periods.

Try starting with four to six deep abdominal breaths and work up to a dozen or more.

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