Ginseng and Chicken Soup

Ginseng and Chicken Soup


The ginseng in this soup warms the body and regulates Qi (vital energy). The Chicken supplements the five main organs. There is large amount of Vitamin C from the coriander, spring onionand ginger. This soup strengthens the body immune system.

Cooking Tips

Ginseng is mild and nourishing in nature. It supplements withoutbringing heat to the body. Hypertension and diabetes patients can drink this soup sparingly.

375gchicken breast
2 sprigsspring onion (sectioned)
3 slicesginger (shredded)
1 tspsalt


  1. Wash and section the ginseng. Place ginseng, chicken, spring onion and ginger into a big soup pot. Pour in water to cover the chicken.
  2. Boil for 2.5 hours and add salt for seasoning. Serve the soup to the family.

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