Ginseng ( 人参 ) ...Chinese Herb...

Latin Plant Name

Panax Ginseng

Pinyin Mandarin Name

Ren Shen

Common English Name


Part of Plant Used



Slightly warm


Sweet, slightly bitter

Meridians Entered

Spleen, Lung, Heart

Common Usages

This herb is used in formulas to treat almost any kind of deficiency. Ginseng is renowned for tonifying Original Qi, which supplements all the other types of Qi. Ginseng has so many therapeutic uses that it is easier to list the few things for which is it is contraindicated (see "Cautions in Use" below).

Traditional Usages and Functions

Powerfully tonifies original Qi; tonifies Lungs and benefits Qi; Strengthens Spleen and tonifies Stomach; benefits Yin and generates Fluids; benefits Heart Qi and calms Spirit.

Common Formulas Used In

Bupleurum and Dragon Bone; Ginseng and Astragalus; Ginseng and Atractylodes; Ginseng and Longan; Ginseng and Tang Gui Ten; Ginseng and Zizyphus; Major Four Herbs; Major Six Herbs; Minor Bupleurum; Panax Ginseng Capsules; Tang Gui and Ginseng Eight; TianMan and Eucommia; Tu-Huo and Loranthus.

Processing Required



If you are interested, there are numerous books about Ginseng.

Cautions in Use

Do not use Ginseng where there is deficient Yin with heat signs, damp heat or excess heat patterns, or ascending Liver Yang. Do not use when high blood pressure is present, or if there are beginning symptoms of an exterior condition such as the common cold. Overuse of ginseng can lead to headache, insomnia, palpitations, or increased blood pressure.

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