Qi Gong Health Balls

Qi Gong Health Balls

The qi gong health balls exercise is a simple and effective way to improve your general well-being. This exercise originated from the Hei Bei Province of China and is still very popular in China.

In this exercise, two balls of equal size and weight are used in the exercise. These balls can be made of steel, marble, agate, or jade. Among them, the jade type is the best because jade is believed to conduct and purify energy.

The Benefits

The health ball exercise is very effective because it:

  • Balances the Internal Energies
    This exercise harmonizes the Five Elemental Energies and stimulates the organ-energies whose meridians run into the fingers: lungs, large intestine, heart, small intestine, pericardium, and Triple Burner. Balancing internal energies has long been a primary method for preventing disease and degeneration in Taoist alchemy and Chinese medicine.
  • Tones the Tendons of Hands and Arms
    The rhythmic flexing of finger, hand, wrist, and arm tendons increases strength and coordination in the hands, cures and prevents arthritis and rheumatism in all joints from fingers to shoulders. It provides an excellent warm-up if you are going to playing musical instrument, calligraphy, surgery or massage.
  • Increases the Flow of Energy to Their Palms and Fingers

The Techniques of Health Balls Exercise

Qi Gong Health Balls

Technique 1

(1) Held the 2 balls in the palm of your hand,

(2) Roll the balls in a circle by manipulating them with the fingers. Start with counter-clockwise in the right hand, then clockwise in the left.

(3) At first you'll feel clumsy doing this, and the balls will clack loudly against each other as you try to spin them round in your palms. However, after a week or two of daily practice, you'll be able to rotate them smoothly and swiftly, keeping the balls in contact the entire time, so that they make a smooth humming sound rather than clacking randomly against each other.

Technique 2

(1) Hold the two balls in the palm of one hand with the forearm held away from the body and parallel to the ground.

(2) Start the balls rolling by drawing the inside ball towards your body with the little and ring fingers. This will cause the other one to roll forwards towards the index and middle finger, with the thumb preventing it from rolling off to the outside.

(3) Next, extend the little and ring fingers forwards again and let the outside ball roll inwards towards them. This will pull it towards the body. Continue to roll the balls around in circles.

(4) Do this until the tendons in your hand, wrist, and forearm feel a bit sore or numb.

(5) Switch hand and repeat step 1.

You can practise these techniques any time of day or night, while reading or watching a film, on a bus or train or plane.

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