How I did it

Hi there,

The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT making a living at doing what they most enjoy

It's a pleasant surprise - I know very little HTML, and now I have a website on one of my favorite topics - Chinese Medicine.

I'm working towards achieving my goal of building a successful website, just like many people who have done it before me.

Getting started

When I was a little boy, I was always labeled by others as "weak" because I fall sick often. That's why when I grew up, I decided to learn Chinese Medicine. I'm lucky to have met so many kind-hearted folks who show me the path to good health.

I know there are many people who were like me. Sometimes, I wish I could share these self-help techniques with them. That would a nice way to return the kindness to those who have helped me.

I wanted to start a web site. But then I hold back this idea. I'm not comfortable with web programming and I'm worried about the costs of building a site.

Then one day, I ran into an old friend. He told me that he has a web site on eye exercises. After a few months into it, he is already making some profit from Google adsense(and the good thing is - the earnings come in even while he sleeps).

He's building his small business on the internet using Site Built It!(SBI) and is having fun sharing his knowledge & earning some extra income from the internet.

I pondered about this for a while. The internet offers good opportunity for people like me. And, if my friend, who doesn't know anything about using web programming, can build a nice site in a few months, there is no reason that I don't give it a try.

The package that SBI offerred is also quite amazing. The costs of building a site is only $1 per day, even though SBI has more good features. (If you love details and are more technically minded, let's do a detailed comparison of SBI! against the high end "Professional Package" of typical, major old-fashioned Web hosting services.)

So, I got started!

I'm glad that I have decided to do it.

You see, the most difficult part is to make that first step out of our comfort zone, and say - Let's give it a try!

In fact, I'm thinking of setting my second site now. I'll continue to add more useful information on this site, and you know what? This site is already making some profits after a few months.

"It" is freedom, self-reliance, living life, time for the family... whatever is most important to you. Get "it."

Questions ?

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Slow down.

Take your time as you work your way through. See whether it really suits you by reviewing the Solo Build It! Action Guide online.

If you have any question, you can ask them here.

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