Qi Gong To Improve Sexual Health

The Qi gong exercises for sexuality improves your vitality for sex. At the same time, they also boost the resistance and immunity of your body.

Here are some effective methods that you can use without hurting others, so that both your partner and you can appreciate sex better:

better sex life

Submerged Breathing (for men and women)

Pelvic Thrust (for men and women)

Embracing Tree (for men and women)

Naked Hop (for men and women)

Abdominal Massage (for men and women)

The Art Of Lifting The Anus(for women only)

Breast Massage (for women only)

Nipple Massage (for women only)

Ovary Massage (for women only)

Thigh Massage (for women only)

Twisting Feet (for women only)

Seminal Ducts Massage (for men only)

Testicle Massage (for men only)

Tapping and Rolling Testicles Massage (for men only)

Jade Stalk Massage (for men only)

The above exercises to improve sexual health may be incorporated into regular daily workouts or practised by themselves any time of day or night.

When practising these techniques as part of an overall qi gong set, you should always perform warm-up and cool-down sets before and after the workout.

It is not necessary to do complete warm-up and cool down sets before and after the qi gong exercise for better sexual health. However, you should at least prepare your body and energy channels with a few stretches and some deep breathing, and conclude with ten or fifteen minutes of still standing or sitting to harvest your enhanced sexual energy and move it into general circulation through your channels for storage in the lower abdomen.

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