Induced Qi Flow

Induced qi Flow is a wonderful exercise for curing illness. One of the greatest physicians of all time, Hua Tuo, highly recommended this exercise as preventive medicine.

There are three important points that any beginner should be aware of:

  1. You will probably be very surprised at what you experience in the exercise.
  2. This exercise is totally non-religious. What is involved is your own vital energy flowing inside you, making your body move as if involuntarily. It is certainly not any outside force entering your body.
  3. Should you start to move vigorously, gently tell yourself to slow down. Never, never panic. Always remain relaxed and calm.

The Technique of Induced Qi Flow

Loosen your clothing. Ensure that the space you have chosen is safe for performing the exercise - away from sudden drops, sharp edges and pointed corners. Then follow these steps.

1. Stand relaxed and upright. Place your middle finger (left for men, right for women) on your navel and gently press about ten times. Then drop the finger to your side.

2. Use the other middle finger (right for men, left for women) to gently massage the baihui vital point, at the crown of your head, about five times. Then drop the finger to your side.

3. Perform Ba Duan Jin exercise set 1 for about 15-20 times. Each time you complete the sequence, pause for one or two seconds to feel qi flowing down your body.

4. Perform Qi Gong To Stay Youthful for about 15-20 times. Pause at the end of each sequence for one or two seconds to feel qi flowing down your body.

5. Stand relaxed with your eyes gently closed. If you are already swaying or moving, proceed to the next step. If not, then visualize a cascade of vital energy flowing from your head down your whole body. Enjoy the pleasant, tingling sensation, if you can feel it.

6. If you start to sway or move, follow the movements gently; do not go against them, as they are induced by qi flowing inside your body. After some time, the movements will become involuntary. Sometimes you may move from your position. You will find this expenence very relaxing and enjoyable. Your eyes should be gently closed throughout. Later, when you are proficient in this exercise, you may open your eyes.

7. If you find that you are beginning to move vigorously, just tell yourself to slow down. If you find that the movements have suddenly become vigorous before you can do anything about it, do not worry. Remain calm, tell yourself to slow down, and you will do so. It is that simple. This exercise, incidentally, also illustrates that you can exercise mind over matter.

8. After about ten minutes of induced qi flow movements, or at any time when you want to stop, just tell your movements to stop. It is very important that you do not stop abruptly. Let your movements come to a graceful end.

9. Remain still for a minute or two, with your eyes still closed. Then rub your palms together to warm them, and place them on your eyes as you open them. Massage your face gently. Then walk about briskly for about thirty steps.

This exercise is priceless. If you practise it consistently, it will prevent degenerative diseases, or start to cure them if you are already a sufferer.

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