Jade Stalk Massage
Qi Gong For Sexual Health

The benefits of Jade Stalk Massaging

This exercise strengthens the tendons and muscles of the penis and scrotum. It also improves circulation in the penis, thereby enhancing sexual potency. It draws warm sexual energy upwards from the leg channels and sacrum into the internal organs and brain. Stimulates conversion of sexual essence to energy.

The Technique

(1) Stand in Horse, or sit on the edge of a stool.

(2) Rub your palms together till warm. Then, encircle the fingers of one hand under and around the entire scrotum, with the thumb over the top of the penis root, until tips of thumb and middle finger meet to form a noose.

(3) Inhale deeply, contract the anus nd perineum, then pull down firmly on the root of the Jade Sta;k and scrotum, stretching the tendons as far as possible without pain.

It's important to keep the anus and perineum contracted throughout the duration of the stretching phase. Release pressure, exhale, and relax, perineum and abdomen. Repeat a dozen times. Then perform a dozen pulls and stretches to the left and a dozen to the right, remembering to contract the anus and perineum on each stretch. When contracting the anus and stretching the Jade Stalk, mentally visualize energy rising upwards into the internal organs, especially the kidneys, liver, and lungs. Conclude the exercise with a few minutes of quiet standing or sitting, eyes closed, mind focused on raising energy up the spine to the head and back down the front into the Lower Elixir Field.

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