Jellyfish and Pork Bone Soup

Jellyfish & Pork Bone Soup


This soup is good for people who have high blood pressure, high blood fat level, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and constipation caused by Wind accumulated in the liver.

Cooking Tips

  1. Medical reports indicate that jellyfish lowers blood pressure and dilate blood vessels.
  2. People who have Spleen-asthenia, Stomach-asthenia and Coldness should not drink this soup too often.
  3. Mint contains much Vitamin C, thus preventing influenza.

113gjellyfish 海蛰头
300gpork shoulder bone 猪骨(西施骨)
1 sprigspring onion 青葱
38gglutinous rice wine 黄酒(糯米酒)
38gmint 香花菜
caltrop starch 生粉


  1. Soak jellyfish until it is soft. Rinse well. Tear it into small pieces. Marinate with wine, salt and caltrop starch.
  2. Boil the pork shoulder bone in approximately 8 bowls of water. Add in jellyfish and boil for 50 minutes. Add spring onion and mint and boil 10 minutes more. Add caltrop starch solution. Ready for serving.

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