Qi Gong Exercise
- Kidneys Rubbing and Tapping

There are many benefits for kidneys rubbing and tapping, although they are very easy to learn.

Let's look at what you would gain from these exercises:

  • It stimulates the secretions of the adrenal glands.
  • It promotes the blood and energy circulation to the kidneys. Thus warm up and energize the entire system.
  • The tapping actions also help to dissolve crystals before they form kidney stones.
  • It stimulates the kidneys' filtering and excretory functions.

The Techniques

The techniques are as follows:

(1) Stand in the Horse stance and relax.

(2) Raise your hands behind the back at kidney level. Using the backs of your hands, start to rub briskly up and down over the kidneys. Continue the rubbing until the kidneys start to feel warm. This would usually take only two or three minutes.

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(3) After rubbing, you may also tap the kidneys gently with the backs of the hands, alternating left and right. Do not tap so hard that you feel uncomfortable. If your kidneys are sore or sensitive, skip this phase of the exercise. You should continue next time when you have developed more strength in this area.

Free Qi Gong Exercises

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