Luo Han Guo ( 罗汉果 ) ...Chinese Herb...

Luo Hab Guo is the fruit of Grosvenor Momordica.

Main ingredients
Main ingredients Siomenoside I, neomogroside, and other terpene glycosides, collectively called mogrosides, have been isolated from S. grosvenori . The sweetness of this plant has been attributed to the mogrosides V and VI, in addition to glucose and fructose. Mogroside V (esgoside) is the most abundant. Concentrations of mogroside V vary in the range of 0.81% to 1.29% w/w, depending on the anatomical part of the fruit

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Taste: Sweet; Nature: Cool

Channels entered
Lung and Spleen

Functions and indications
Suppresses coughing and reduces sputum; Induces bowel movements; Clears lungs and lubricates intestines

Common dosage

Precautions and contraindications


In ancient China, Lo han kuo was the tributes to the emperors. In addition, Lo han kuo is known as longevity fruit and fairy fruit in ordinary people.

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