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The Benefits of “ Naked Hop ” Qi Gong Exercises

This qi gong exercise “Naked Hop” can be practiced by both men and women. For men, the testicles ' and prostate will be greatly stimulated. As a result, the circulation of blood and energy in the penis (or known as “jade stalk” in Chinese term) is greatly enhanced.

For women, the ovaries will be stimulated. The circulation in the uterus and vagina (or known as “Jade Gate” in Chinese term) will be enhanced. It also stimulates blood circulation and sexual secretions in women's breasts.

For both sexes, hopping stimulates the pituitary in the brain and the thymus over the heart. It builds up strength and stamina in the legs, where sexual energy resides, and stimulates the kidneys and adrenals, which play major roles in regulating sexual vitality.

It also prevents formation of kidney stones by shaking up the contents of the kidneys, which helps dissolve crystals before they get big enough to cause trouble.

The Technique of “Naked Hop” Qi Gong Exercise

Qi Gong for Sexual Health

(1) This exercise should be performed naked. Place your feet a bit it wider than shoulder width apart and parallel to each other.

(2) Raise your arms above the head, with elbows bent, shoulders relaxed, and palms facing each other.

(3) Straighten up the back of the neck, slightly contract the anus, and start hopping gently up and down at a fairly brisk pace.

(4)As you perform the naked hop, slowly curl the fingers into fist and relax them, repeating rhythmically but at a slower pace than the hopping.

(5)For men, the hopping should cause the 'Jade Stalk' (penis) to flap up and down, slapping against the stomach above and the perineum below, while the testicles jounce up and down. For women, the hopping should cause the breasts to bounce up and down.

(6) Continue until you feel winded, which will only take two or three minutes at first; eventually you'll be able to continue for longer periods.

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